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About 2N Intercoms

2N is a leading European company operating worldwide, specializing in the development and manufacturing of communication solutions.

With over 28 years on the market, we are proud of our achievements. Take a look at the key milestones in our company’s history.

2N was established by three friends (Messrs. Hofman, Pihan and Brychta) in Na Nivách street in Prague. Within a few years it becomes a leader in developing telecommunication solutions.

We launch the first ATEUS 280 telephone exchange, and soon become one of the best manufacturers on the Czech market. 

In 2008, We are the first in the world to develop and launch an IP intercom on the market. 2N® Helios IP Vario will look forward to more than ten years of sales.

In 2016, We become a member of AXIS GROUP. An IHS study reveals that 2N is number one on the IP intercoms market.

In 2018, 2N PRESENTS THE WORLD’S FIRST LTE INTERCOM. Yet again, we pioneer the intercom market. This time it is with an LTE intercom 2N® LTE Verso, which is looking forward to its increasing popularity.

With almost 30 years of experience, we proudly are the No.1 of IP Intercoms in the world presenting more than 125 countries.

In Southeast Asia, Eurostellar is proudly Representative of 2N Intercoms.

2N Solutions

Our solutions are used throughout the public and private sectors to help increase physical security and improve your daily life. Choose the area of your interest.

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