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We are Eurostellar

Eurostellar means the pioneer who bringing latest technologies from European/G7 to Southeast Asia, which can help the producers enter to most dynamic market in the world right now and help the Installers or System Integrators work with European outstanding technologies and products.


We are Eurostellar, the Czech- Vietnamese Company was founded by Karel Papik and Phat Ngo , located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Prague, Czech Republic. Both central cities of two dynamic regions. Eurostellar is meaning The pioneer who bringing most advance technologies from European to new markets which can make the clients life easier everyday.

Our plan is becoming the place where European partners and Southeast Asia partners speaking the same languages and finding the great long lasting cooperation.

We are exclusive representative and authorized representative of respected European Manufacturers and technological developers in South East Asia as: JABLOTRONTREVOS, LOXONE, ZEPCAM, MODIVISION, TECHFASS, AUTOGARD, CLEVERFARM, PROVISION-ISR, INVIPO, GOMINTEC and more.


Our roles are not only reselling the boxes, we go beyond the standard cooperation. We help our Distributors and Resellers in training, marketing, logistic, technology support, design solutions for key projects and installation.

Our unique advantage is we are in both side of the bridge, where Eurostellar deeply understand about EU or International Producers/Suppliers as well as carefully listen and support excellent the local distributors or resellers in SEA.  We help our Suppliers success at the same time reduce the costs and risks in new territories like Southeast Asia, we are not only promote products or brands, but also our staffs go on the field to find the clients, present on every potential exhibitions or events where we can meet our client.


On top of that, we do real sales. Currently, we are cooperating with more than 250 distributors/system integrators in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Laos, continuously approaching more partners in this dynamic region. 

Your success is our success. We are look forward to cooperate with you.

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We act as the exclusive importer, wholesaler and ambassador of the chosen European and G7 Brands.


We import, convert, localize, certificate the marketing materials, provide variable training and support to our distribution partners and system integrators. the quality of  every single devices.


We provide the strategical solutions and full customized package of products include hardware, software and consulting as well as tech support to our partners.


We believe in Long-term relationship. Truly WIN-WIN-WIN cooperation between Manufacture - Eurostellar - Distributor. We are here to maintain the EU standard and guarantee the quality of  every single devices.

Real Partner

We go way beyond the usual way of cooperation, we are not just selling the boxes with goods, we provide constant help and support. 

For our Suppliers, Producers, we are not only act as their reseller, we are helping them enter the market with solid and effective marketing and brand promotive activities.


The European Technologies, which we are bringing, are not just technologically advanced, but primarily they are years proven on very competitive European market which is the best proof of their top quality without compromises.

B2B customers in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand, now require quality. The cheap, poor quality products, which needs constant service and fixing, are not longer interest of serious customers. They can't afford loose money when the production line is stopped because of faulty temperature sensor or one blinking light. They don't want to be late of delivery hundred tons of goods when employees can't work because cheap access control failed again. Quality plays the primary role in the effectivity and profitability. European products also have much more features which serious customers need and request, the time is gone for simple products with just basic functions and old designs.

B2B segment, where the end-users prefer advanced, feature rich and reliable products, is dramatically growing. Who really want to use a cheap alarm system for his home, which makes false alarms every day and have reliable product which works fifteen years without a problem in any conditions?

That's the reason why we bring you the best quality, full of necessary features, truly reliable and timeless design which is not only for you, your family but also good for your business and communities.  

Design Studio

We are looking for to cooperate with enthusiasm and capable candidates to become next Leaders of Eurostellar. Find out more here!