Smart Parking Management and Auto trading system

AUTOGARD is a specialized European manufacturer of both pedestrian and vehicular access control devices and parking management systems, such as automatic barriers, parking barrier gates, road blockers, turnstiles, gates and gate automation and parking revenue collection systems.


Established in 1993, for over two decades now we are dedicated to constant development, manufacture and installations of our equipment. All products delivered by AUTOGARD are distinguished by original design, high technical standards and long service life in demanding operating and weather conditions.



AUTOGARD spol. s r.o. is certified according to ISO 9001 quality management system standard.

Our products are accredited by TÜV SÜD.

Autogard Parking Intro

General introduction about Autogard and our products & solutions.


Product Cataloge

In this doc, we will explain you in detail about our products and how it can help your parking area become more efficiency.


EcoPark II

EcoPark II is a new generation of convenient modular pay-on-foot parking management and parking revenue collection system, fitting all car park sizes from smallest to complex projects, shopping malls and municipal systems.

System components may be separated and recombined, offering the benefit of flexibility and variety in use, making EcoParkII a perfect system for application of all sizes.


Heavy Duty Barrier

Automatic and manual barriers by AUTOGARD are perfect solution for customers who care about enhanced security of their premises or property and for whom the vehicle access control is crucial.

No matter, whether you are currently working on a smaller project, large-scale investment or traffic management in your municipal quarters. For more than twenty years AUTOGARD company manufacturers and delivers its own customer proven barriers for small to multi-storey car parks, private and company premises, industrial and hospital premises, hotels, motorways, tunnels, toll stations and other application areas, where it is convenient to use barriers as stand-alone measures or in combination with other access control systems. Most common use as entry barriers, parking barriers and security barriers.



Automatic pay station enables self-checkout by cash or credit card, available to car park visitors 24/7

  • Validation of discount vouchers

  • Acceptance of coins and banknotes in two currencies with a fixed exchange rate*

  • Refund of overpayment from automatically refilled coin storage (capacity up to 3,000 coins)

  • Refund of overpayment from automatically refilled banknote storage*

  • Contact and contactless card payment terminal (may not be available in all countries)*

  • Automatic or on request print of a tax receipt

  • Lost ticket button – dispense of a new exit ticket upon settlement of a predefined charge

  • RFID card reader; option to recharge prepaid RFID cards*


Central Management

  • Car park management software

  • Verification and validation of parking tickets, RFID cards, discounts and payments

  • Credit balance verification in case of debit parking cards

  • Occupancy calculation (regular lots and reserved subscriber lots) and display on occupancy panels

  • Prevention of repetitive use of parking tickets and discounts

  • Continuous monitoring and synchronization of parking equipment

  • Real-time logging of entire car park operation

  • Automatic daily data backups

  • Execution of periodic and non-periodic user defined tasks (e.g. automatic rising of all barriers during night hours etc.)

  • Remote control of system components via software modules

  • Data preparation for well-arranged reports

  • Application programming interface (API) for data exchange with third party software and applications


Auto Number Plate Recognization

Due to eliminating RFID card or ticket handling at entry and exit customers can drive in and out more quickly and comfortably.
Number plates serve as identification media.

High-quality cameras and powerful software engine deliver excellent results in registration number recognition.

Once set, ANPR automatically allows passage of authorized vehicles without any human interaction.

Operator can monitor video streams from each camera in real time or track events in video archive.

Every vehicle passage is stored in a database and can be viewed at any time together with information about date and time, plate number and captured image.

How the parking system work in reality?

For resident:

  • Easy entrance & exit with ANPR and Auto barrier

  • No ticket, no card required

  • Private parking lot

  • Monthly payment

  • Non-stop parking

  • Highly security with ANPR and RFID encryption.

  • Smart Data record

  • 24/7 Support with Audio intercom

  • Integrate with Building Management System, Building Access Control

  • Integrate with Time & Attendant System for Office

For walk-in visitor:

  • Register easy and quick by press the button on Ticket Dispense.

  • Camera will auto capture the Plate number, the photo and record in system.

  • Capacity information

  • Empty parking lot notification

  • Payment with Automatic Pay Station

  • Multiple payment options: cash, coin, VISA/Mastercard, QR code. Dual currency.

  • Easy leaving by Scanning the bar-code ticket on the Ticket Verification

  • System will auto check the plate number, payment and open the barrier to go.

  • 24/7 Support with Audio intercom.

  • Ticket lost support function

  • Integrate with Shopping mall coupons, membership card and more.

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