Accelerating the world's transition to sustainable farming
CleverFarm brings you an automated, cost-effective and sustainable way of farming. Let us know your request and we will bring you the World-Class Smart Agriculture Solution.


Přinášíme chytrá řešení
a inovace v zemědělství

CleverFarm je první česká společnost, která nabízí řešení pro zemědělský management v jedné aplikaci. Nejmodernější senzory, skladové záznamy a účetnictví.

U nás můžete mít vše pod jednou střechou. Vše, co potřebujete, je internet.

Work sustainably

Reduce inputs and help with sustainable and environmental soil development while saving water.


Make efficient decisions based on data, leading to semi-automation of agro processes and the transition from conventional to specialized work.

We bring smart solutions and innovations to agriculture


CleverFarm is the first Czech company to offer a solution for agricultural management in one application. The most modern sensors, warehouse records and accounting. 

With us you can have everything under one roof. All you need is the Internet.

We are a young team from the AgTech environment, which was awarded 3 times in 2021. 1. Among the top 10 startups in CEE by Vestbee, 2. and 3. the most sustainable company by Generali and CzechCrunch.

We bring intelligent solutions and innovations to agriculture, which means for us to make farming sustainable, economically efficient and automated. We create an application that displays and analyzes data from IoT sensors and satellite images, thus helping farmers make effective decisions in various agro operations.

The result of the CleverFarm solution is a reduction in agricultural inputs such as water, pesticides, fertilizers or seeds and at the same time an increase in crop quality.

In Vietnam and Southeast Asia, Eurostellar is proudly is Authorized Partner of CleverFarm where we bringing the most modern technologies to daily farming activities for Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and more.

Contact to us: Eurostellar Hotline +84 902 401 488 -  info@eurostellar.com 

Real time measurements of all data in your field

Saving Water with Intelligent Irrigation

Soil condition measurement and remote valve opening & closing optimize irrigation to achieve savings on water, energy, labour and better yield.

Prediction of Pests and Disease

This function notifies you if a pest or disease has invaded the crops so that you can promptly intervene and use sprays only when really necessary.

Optimize all processes

Optimize processes on your farm by constantly monitoring conditions.


Variable applications

Cost savings

Thanks to variable applications, our customers save on fertilizer and seed costs by up to 20%, while maintaining or increasing their yield.

Quality and yield

In addition to cost savings, variable applications allow you to have a quality balanced harvest and a higher yield.

Farm management

Speed ​​and clarity

When you need to start a new farm, it’s only a matter of seconds and you’ll find your way around the app.

Safe and Secure

We will take care of your data since the application is one-sided. We will load the data from LIPIS into the application and no one but you will have access.


Intelligent sensors

Intelligent IoT sensors allow farmers to check conditions anywhere the sensor is placed. Low-powered devices run on battery and last for up to 2 years.


Optimization of

irrigation systems

Optimize your irrigation system based on measuring numerous data points in the air and soil and remote control units.


Accurate farm management

With data from sensors, you can more easily evaluate the effects of agro activities from your mobile phone or computer.


Quick and easy installation

You can install all the sensors in a few minutes. The sensors are almost maintenance-free – powered by a battery that lasts up to 2 years.

Real-time monitoring uses


Intelligent Irrigation
By combining monitoring (Soil sensors and weather stations) and management units, it is possible to optimize irrigation systems by saving water and energy.


Greenhouse conditions

By monitoring the temperature and humidity of the air and soil, it will enable timely intervention and automation in the greenhouse or in the foil plant.


Pest and diseases

  • Corn borer

  • Septoria and Phaoesphaeria spots on wheat

  • Fusarium head blight & Phoma Foveata


Constant overview of what is happening on the farm

When to sow, fertilize or harvest? Thank to the IoT Sensor, you will have an overview of the conditions in your fields.

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