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Protecting what matters to you

The new cameras expand your security options. Thanks to the MyJABLOTRON application, your home can be fully monitored without having to constantly watch the phone. The system automatically generates a minute-by-minute recording of every event from the JABLOTRON 100+ alarm thus providing an instant overview.

Basic camera features

Recording for 3 and 7 days

Multi-day recording of alarms over the last 3 or 7 days.


Live video from the camera that can be run anytime to check the situation.

Perfect connection to the alarm



The latest technology

The cameras use cloud communication to securely store data. It cannot therefore be stolen or deleted. Moreover, all communications are encrypted and safeguarded against misuse.

  • Colour video with Full HD

  • Camera angle of up to 115°

  • Infrared lighting in poor visibility

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Technical specifications

JABLOTRON cameras meet the strictest technical and functional requirements. They can be placed both inside and outside.

Easy to install

Very easy to install in just a few minutes. Installed by certified Jablotron installation partners.

What you want to monitor?

We enable monitoring of dozens of manufacturers of various  devices.

Control panels

Native communication or universal communicators


Direct access with camera control, URL, video from file (shared storage)

On-line guarding systems & employee safety

Trackers or mobile app. Suitable for risky workplaces or guards


Monitoring in apartment or mobile trackers.

ATM´s, machinery, cars, etc.


Server in DC JABLONET under SLA

  • We provide primary & backup servers

  • We are able to work with HW receivers

  • Phone cards

  • HW receivers (IPR, SMET256, radio etc.

We take care of:

  • Backup server

  • Backup connectivity

  • DB backup

  • OS Server upgrades

  • Antivirus protection of the server

  • Power supply backup by UPS & generator


  • Server in your premise.

  • You control everything and We will deliver the server according to your  needs

  • If your DC matches the required parameters, installation on your servers is  possible

  • ARC can be installed on a virtual server  (VMware platform).

  • Security and the most of backups are  provided by your IT staff.

What is targeted client?

Modern Townhouses


Jewelry Expert

Jelwery Shops

Dollar Bills


Industrial Engineer

Industrial Zone

Woman Shopping for Groceries


Sustainable Energy


House with Pool

Villa Compound

Police Cars

City Police

Value Added

For current client:

  • Increased security

  • Up sales

  • Long term service

  • Reduce cost

For high-end client:

  • Access to key project

  • High level security service


For new client:

  • Covering bigger area

  • Access to new client with cheaper monthly fee



  • Monitor security status accurately and proactively

  • Quick access and resolve issues to avoid wasting time

  • Create effective connection between users and service center.



  • Highly professional and efficient solution

  • One Step ahead in the competitive market.

  • Able to provide services to most demanded Clients (International bank, Government, Military, VIP).


  • Reduce significant operation and HR cost for Security company.

  • Starting with small investment and scale out later.

  • Pay one time for life-time services.


Operation & Management:

  • Control everything with your Computer.

  • Location tracking, Historical recording.

  • Scale out, upgrade no limited.

  • Smart applications for everyone.

  • Safe database and variable reports.

Jablotron Security, Czech Republic


Jablotron Security Center:

  • Biggest Security Company in Czech & Central Europe

  • Covering 99.65% national area

  • Number of subscriptions: >100.000

  • Cooperating with more than 300 local security companies

  • Processing speed: 2000 signal/second

  • Average Reaction time/case: < 5 mins

  • HQ: Prague, Czech Republic


  • Cloud Jablotron system

  • Active track

  • Car location and protection system

  • CCTV

How to process?

Step 1: Specifying your needs

Let's take a look at the assignment of your  project and answer the basic questions:

  • Where will be placed ARC server?

  • Who will provide service works?

  • What devices and which brands so you  want to monitor?

  • What ways do the  devices communicate?

  • How many workplaces do you need?

  • Do you need implement or replace  an older ARC technology?

Step 2: Approval of technical solution & price offer

After  personal meeting  and specification of your needs we will offer  you a tailor-made solution including a  timetable and a price offer.

On  the  following  page  you  can  find  overview of our ARC solutions:




Step 3: Implementation & training

Your  agreed  solution  is  implemented  within  the  agreed  deadline.  The installation  includes  training  of  the ARC  administrator  at  the  installation  site  or  remotely.  Even  after  the implementation we are at your disposal  and will help you in to finish the  individual ARC settings.

Contact to us

EUROSTELLAR - European Technology

The Representative of Jablotron Group in Southeast Asia.

Add: Fl.3, Victoria Building, 755 Luy Ban Bich St.,

Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Hotline: +84 902 401 488

Email: info@eurostellar.com

Website: www.eurostellar.com/jablonet