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About us

At Loxone, we Create Automation

We focus on the simple idea of creating a building that knows what to do on its own. 
From smart homes to commercial buildings of all types, our goal is that that they are equipped with truly intelligent automation for the simplest control.

With humble beginnings in 2008, our founders Thomas Moser and Martin Oller were motivated by the idea of a home that can take care of functions like safety, energy efficiency and comfort on its own with little need for manual control. During a time when cars park themselves and have automatic headlights, why shouldn’t a home take care of tasks similarly?

And here we are now, spreading a lifestyle that homeowners and business owners are bringing into their lives and never looking back. Loxone efficiently manages tasks for homes, hotels, offices and commercial buildings of all types.

Today, Loxone is Respected International Technology Group with more than 20 branchs all around the world and 10.000 global partners, present more than 100 countries with more than 7 million products. Together with 300 enthusiam employee, Loxone are daily change their users'life by saving 50,000 tasks and more time to live.

Loxone headquarters, or “Basecamp”, in Kollerschlag, Austria is where hardware and software is developed. And product is mainly made in Germany and other European countries.

Loxone Smart Home in Vietnam

After 2 years of researching and discussion, Mid of 2021, Eurostellar and Loxone are agree to cooperation as Exclusive Representative and Distribution Partnership.

Eurostellar with variant experience of cooperation and distribution with European producers and more than 300 Partners across Southeast Asia region will definitely bring valued-add and Eu standard service to all Loxone Partners in Vietnam and other countries in near future.

We are not only selling the boxes. We are here to help our partners.

We help you with product know-how, training, certificate, project design and installation.

your success is our goal!


Eurostellar - European Technology

Why build with Loxone automation?

There’s a reason you go for a custom build. You want a home that fits your unique lifestyle. That’s exactly where Loxone takes your home to the next level; by completely adapting it to your lifestyle with true automation.

What does a Loxone Smart Home do? It provides a flexible, reliable ecosystem that takes control of lighting, audio, room climate, security and more to meet unique needs wether you’re home or away. You save on energy and costs without even trying.

Learn more about the five main ways Loxone automation simply works for you:

  • Save 50,000 tasks, enjoy more time to live. Your smart home provides functionality that makes life easier.

  • Flexible & scalable. Endless possibilities for home automation.

  • Reliable & secure. Your smart home, your data.

  • Simple control, yet rarely needed. Minimize switches, but have everything under control.

  • 360° solution. All systems for lighting, audio and more form a cohesive ecosystem.


Experience the Smart Home

We’ll take you on a virtual tour to show you what it’s like to live in a smart home. Check out the lighting, access control, burglar alarm and much more.

Flexible & scalable

Possibilities are endless for home automation in any size custom build with room for expansion. Start with a smart kitchen solution or bring intelligence into the whole home, or even outdoors – choice is yours.

For installers, learn how to start installing Loxone with complete flexibility.

Reliable & secure

With our powerful software and reliable Miniserver communication, each component of the smart home interacts flawlessly while adjusting to your needs. No Cloud, no Wi-Fi connection needed. Your privacy is 100% protected – your smart home, your data.


Simple control, yet rarely needed

With our Touch switch, you can minimize switches throughout the home. With just a tap on one of its five Touch points, you can control lighting, blinds, music and more.

Plus, a built-in temperature & humidity sensor keeps your room climate in check.

A complete solution for your smart home

A smart home with Loxone simply knows what to do. Be that in the morning or in the evening while you’re cooking, entertaining, or just relaxing. It plays the music you each want to hear – even if it is something different in each room. It creates the right atmosphere with lighting moods. It makes sure every room is always at the perfect temperature. All aspects of your home work together in harmony to ensure a level of intelligent-automation that is only possible with Loxone.


Solution for all premises

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Smart Home


Smart Office & Building


Commercial Properties

One System for all.
Idea for new buildings and renovation 

50,000 Tasks, more time to live

More than
300 devices
Made in Germany

Discover more....


Home Automation

Smart home is not only turn on, off the devices or control via app or voice. Our Loxone Smart Home is beyond that. Loxone help your house operation by itself and adapt your daily activities. Saving you more than 300 tasks everyday, 50,000 tasks every year. Bring you more time for love one and yourself. The house which made you proud.

Control Loxone is easy, you can use Loxone Touch or App. Find out more.

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Smart lighting

Automated lighting can transform any rooms and lifestyles with full color and tunable white lighting effect. With either our specially developed LED lights or any third-party lights, they can be controlled to fit your needs.

Combine different light sources with varying light intensities and colors to create your unique lighting moods with endless possibilities. Each light can be addressed independently for the highest level of light control and creativity. For even more impressive lighting effects, we recommend indirect lighting with LED Strips along the ceiling or under the kitchen counter. 

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Heating & Cooling

A smart HVAC system by Loxone uses 40% less energy with individual room control.
Yes, it exists.

Imagine a home that adjusts to your ideal climate for each individual room all on its own. The smart home heating and cooling system knows when and how to adjust the temperature and air quality without even needing a thermostat. Residents are free of any thoughts or actions to change the temperature when they leave their house or go to sleep at night. Save energy and money without even trying.

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Shading control

Automate your blinds and shading for more than just sun protection.Loxone can automate your blinds to coordinate with the sun. This means cost-effective heating. Then at dusk, the blinds will know to lower for privacy in your home. Or in an office, blinds can close as the last employee leaves. Smart blinds offer a new sense of comfort in smart homes and commercial buildings of all types.



Safety for the building and everyone inside of it . In a Loxone Smart Home, the home stays on guard when you go to sleep at night. In any business or office, it does the same as the last employee leaves. In any case of an intruder, the building will know to activate a four-phase smart alarm system, starting with a smartphone notification. Similarly when the building detects a water leak, you will be immediately notified via smartphone notification. Included: Burglary protection, Family protection, Premises protection, Privacy protection.

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Find new ways to experience audio.Beyond a music system for home, audio can do so much more along with other systems integrated by Loxone. Wake up to upbeat music, choose a sound to replace your doorbell, receive text-to-speech announcements and more.



Smart access control system any time and anywhere 

Explore the possibilities of individualized access control solutions for smart homes and buildings.

A guest is at your door – let them in or ignore? While you’re at work – keep watch on your house or check on a delivery? Choose your door “bell” – standard sound or flashing light? 

Secure access control in the app

With our free Loxone App for your smart device, you can easily control the access rights to the building, manage users, assign access rights and see who is at your door. One, universal access control panel and management system. Any types of access control, right at your fingertips.

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Access Control

Access via NFC products

Simple access control starts with the NFC Key Fob. Just hold it up to the NFC Code Touch and, if authorized, access will be given to the designated door or gate.

The NFC Key Fobs provide a safer alternative to keys. If you lose a key anyone can find it and use it; if you lose your NFC Key Fob simply revoke access permission for it in the app. Then you can simply use your code to gain entry. 

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E-Car Charger

The EV- Charger and energy management will provide you countless smart feature which make your life easier and reduce the electricity bills every month. 

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Smart Pool

Intelligent control for your personal paradise. Beyond indoors of the smart home, Loxone relieves you of many tasks outdoors too. Pool maintenance, landscape lighting, music control and much more – all working together automatically or on demand with simple control.

Your pool care is covered. Regulating pH value, treating and filtering water, backwashing and more – all done automatically, right on schedule, monitored in the app. Pool maintenance has never been this easy.

Control your pool lights, water temperature and more – while you’re in the pool or from a distance. You have control options built into the edge of your pool and right in the app.

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Sauna & Relax

With automated control of your sauna, you simply get more luxury out of your personal paradise. Remote access, child safety and lighting scenes make it effortless to enjoy the yard you created.

Stuck in traffic after work? Activate our sauna on the road and it will be ready for relaxation time right when you arrive – temperature, lights and your favorite playlist to unwind to.

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Smart Garden

Gardening can be hard work. Loxone can make it easier for you with intelligent irrigation control. Your home will know of any weather changes ahead of time and know how to react to them so you don’t have to.

Works with the weather

In the event of a highly forecasted rainfall, the Weather Station and Weather Service both play a role in communicating this information to disable irrigation – even works for fountains.

Regulate water flow

The water flow is regulated by valves on the water pipes, so when the valves open, the sprinklers will push upwards and water the lawn.

Fully integrated outdoor lighting

Integrate your landscaping lights with LED Strips on the patio, creating lighting scenes without delay. Whether it’s simply lighting or a different system altogether, it can all work together with Loxone.

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No matter what type of lighting – landscape, pool or under the bar – it can be easily integrated and controlled. Pair music with lighting for even more possibilities for your lighting moods. Whether your lighting scene gets activated by opening a door or by the setting sun, the choice is yours. 

Waterproof LED Strip: Along the house or the bar, the LED Strips have many creative possibilitie